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Our month-by-month guide to help you get the most from your lawn.


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* LOWER your mower blades to the recommended HEIGHT (1” for most lawns) over the course of a few ‘cuts’- not all at once.


* FEED the lawn with a nitrogen-rich fertiliser (this is the ‘N’ in the ‘N-P-K’ ratio marked on the side of each product)


* Professional ‘granular’ feeds release nutrients over a 6-8 week period & when soil temperatures are right for growth.


* DO NOT OVER-APPLY THE FEED as this will damage (or ‘scorch’) the turf


* SPRAY herbicide especially for ‘broad-leaved’ weeds that appear at this time ONCE they are actively growing


* This is the IDEAL TIME TO SEED any patches: temperature are warm (but not too hot) and April showers water them often... until established