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Our month-by-month guide to help you get the most from your lawn.


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* During this time daytime temperatures start to drop and leaf growth slows down. Mow ‘on demand’- as and when the lawn needs it. In OCT/NOV raise the mowing height gradually to 2”.


* DO NOT FEED the lawn with NITROGEN fertiliser. This will only encourage weak, ‘SOFT’ growth and make the lawn susceptible to fungal infection!


* During Autumn the lawn enters it’s ‘root development’ phase. This is the ideal time to SCARIFY the lawn to remove ‘EXCESS THATCH’


* Lawn AERATION is also beneficial at this time, ‘opening up’ the soil and improving surface drainage over the winter months


* With the cooler, wet weather MOSS can often develop. This should be sprayed with a moss control agent to prevent it from spreading, and then raked out (if the lawn is not being scarified)