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* During this time daytime temperatures start to drop and leaf growth slows down too. Mow ‘on demand’; as and when the lawn needs it. In OCT/NOV raise the mowing height gradually up to 2”.


* DO NOT FEED the lawn with any NITROGEN fertiliser. This will only encourage weak, ‘SOFT’ growth and make the lawn susceptible to fungal infection!


* During Autumn the lawn enters it’s ‘root development’ phase. This is the ideal time to SCARIFY the lawn to remove ‘EXCESS THATCH’ whilst allowing the lawn to recover BEFORE it enters its winter dormant stage.


* Lawn AERATION is also beneficial at this time, ‘opening up’ the soil and improving surface drainage over the winter months


* With the cooler, wet weather MOSS can often develop. This should be sprayed with a moss control agent to prevent it from spreading, and then gently raked out (if the lawn is not being scarified)



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