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Spring Visit

From mid March until early May we apply a quick acting Nitrogen-rich fertiliser with added nurients and soil conditioner to give the lawn a good start to the year.


We tackle the first of the season's weeds with professional, selective weed killer - before they have chance to get too comfortable - OR if moss is more of an issue we apply a moss control product instead.

Lawn Treatment details

Each visit is designed to deal with a specific aspect of your lawn care.


We carefully arrange our schedule so that your services are carried out at THE OPTIMUM time of year for your lawn; being ... 'Scheduled by nature'


These include...

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Early Summer Visit

Applied from early May until early July our summer feed uses the latest developments in turf technology to give a lawn with consistent, long lasting, brilliant turf colour without any 'flush-growth'.


We also use a variety of professional weed killers to target the problematic 'Summer Weeds'; the ones that emerge in the warm weather and that are resistant to domestically available weed killers.

Autumn Visit

An important liquid, micro-granular treatment that encourages a dark green sward - without any growth- and that also controls that persistant menace- MOSS.

Can be applied individually or at the same time as a machine operation.

Late Summer Visit

Applied from July until the end of August the late summer visit includes a top-up of our professional, long lasting summer fertiliser PLUS the second part of our '2-part' summer weed-control program.

Pre-Season Visit

From Mid February to Mid April- (weather depending) we carry out a pre-season / early spring 'LAWN RAKING' for lawns with particular problems with excess moss .


"Personal service from your local,

experienced, lawn-care professional"

Machine Operations

Machine SCARIFICATION removes excess thatch that can 'suffocate' a lawn. It helps your lawn stay green and healthy in the summer.


Lawn AERATION (sometimes referred to as 'coring' or 'tinning') improves soil drainage (especialy over the winter)  & cuts through any 'sub-surface' thatch that may have developed in the top soil during the season.


Additional Services

Sometimes lawns need additional care including Pest or Disease Control.


'Verdae' will always advise if your lawn really needs any of these, and agree any additional costs before beginning treatment


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